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Quads, Off-road vehicles, 4×4

Protect your tires - Better operating economics & traffic safety

PSI100 puncture protection solution effectively prevents punctures and reduces the risk of air leakage. It provides a stable tire pressure with improved operating economy and traffic safety.

In case of damage to the tire, PSI100 finds its way to the air leak. After a few rotations of the wheel, a sealing fiber reinforcement and membrane is formed which prevents further pressure loss. Normally, no manual repair measures are needed. The leak is fully sealed for the remaining life of the tire. PSI100 puncture protection solution is developed and manufactured in Sweden with extra focus on sustainability, user-friendliness in handling and refilling. 

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Puncture protection

PSI100 is primarily a preventive  puncture protection. Injected solution effectively protects against punctures from sharp objects. With PSI100 in the tires, road reliability is increased and repair costs are reduced. Read more under "Frequently Asked Questions" about how the product can help retroactivly - on a tire where damage has already occurred.

Air leakage

PSI100 not only protects and seals damage from external objects. The solution also effectively handles common leakage from pores and microcracks. This helps you maintain a stable tire pressure and thereby reduced tire wear.

Reduce imbalance

PSI100 help reduce radial imbalance that often occurs with uneven tire wear or dirt accumulation on the rim. The puncture fluid constantly "searches" for a state of equilibrium in the wheel, which creates equalization and contributes to balancing. In addition to better road characteristics, your tire wear is reduced.

Cold resistant

SI100 puncture protection solution is developed to work effectively in all seasons and climates - not least extreme cold. Tested function to -35°C, but even lower temperatures are generally possible. These cold properties apply to all our product areas (Construction, Transport, Trailer, Offroad). With PSI100 there is no hassle with different products for different climates or seasons. Simple and reliable.


PSI100 is an eco-friendly puncture protection solution without toxic glycols and latex-based substances. The formula is harmless to humans, animals and nature during normal handling. In addition to the obvious advantages, these properties also simplify all handling during tire life cycle.

Puncture detection

PSI100 puncture protection solution contains a puncture marker that appears in UV light. This means that hard-to-detect punctures such as micro-cracks and leakage can be found more easily. At the location of the leak, a visible mark often appears when UV light. A practical tool supporting conventional troubleshooting and tire repair.

Quick-Fill System

Inject pressurized tires with puncture protection solution in seconds

New tool - only at PSI100

To save time and ensure fast injection of PSI100 puncture protection solution, we have developed a pneumatic quick-fill system. Within seconds you can inject pressurized tires with exactly the right volume of PSI100. 
Connect, inject, disconnect. Done. 

For all professional and industrial users, this is highly value adding equipment.

Mobile pneumatic pumping station

Mobile pumping station for cans/barrels 25-60 litres. Easy to move with efficient pneumatic pump and precise volume measurement. Normal tires are filled in a few minutes. Connects to compressed air.

Fyllnadsverktyg & Flödesmätare

Handheld tool for injecting PSI100 into pressurized tires. All in one. Removes valve needle, opens up to inject PSI100 and refit valve needle. Digital flow meter ensures that the amount of tire protection solution is correct every time.

Eco-friendly choice:
Easy handling

PSI100 puncture protection fluid is an environmentally friendly product! All components are harmless to humans, animals and nature during normal use. Free from toxic glycols and latex-based substances. The water-based solution can be easily handled  throughout the life cycle of the tire  – during filling, repair as well as tire recycling. Filling tires is best done with our pumps and tools, but the product can also be poured directly into the tire when installed. For tires that are to be recycled and need to be emptied/cleaned, water will easily rinse clean.

Free from hazardous substances
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Volume Guidance

It is important that the PSI100 volume is correctly balanced for vehicle type/use case and tire dimension. To give an overview, some common examples are given below. Before ordering and injecting tires, we recommend our Volume Table or Volume Calculator for detailed information.


0,2-0,9 liter/wheel


0,3-0,6 liter/wheel


0,7-2 ,5 liter/wheel


2-4 liter/wheel


2-5 liter/wheel


5-9 liter/wheel


8-11 liter/wheel

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